Told by a wise and witty cat, LOVE, ALBA presents three intertwining love stories in a light-hearted romp about aging, friendship, sacrifice, and breaking the cultural conditioning that limits our dreams.

Sophy Burnham, the visionary behind the angels phenomenon, inspires mature women with her thought-provoking romance with a spiritual twist.

On August 10, 2015, New York Times bestselling author Sophy Burnham will release her new novel,             LOVE, ALBA (River Sanctuary Publishing, $15.95).

Her new book marks a change of direction for Burnham, who is the author of 14 books and best known for her spiritual writings including the Treasure of Montsegur and A Book of Angels. LOVE, ALBA defies easy categorization ‑ it is a romance novel, a book about cats, and, yes, a spiritual novel at its core. Alba, the wise and witty cat who narrates the novel, sees more than the humans in her story can see. Readers will peek into the secret lives of cats and learn that they can not only see into spiritual dimensions, but also can observe the emotional upheaval and tangled webs her humans weave.

The book centers around Alba's two-legged owner, Lorna, who falls in love with a younger man. Filled with Burnham's signature humor, LOVE, ALBA invites readers to break free from the cultural conditioning that limits their dreams.

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MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW -- by James Cox, Editor-in-Chief

November 2015
Synopsis: "Love, Alba" is a charming novel about love, romance, high society, and art theft from the perspective of a wise and witty, little cat Alba, who has her own feline affairs. Lorna, now over 60, has just fallen horribly, head-over heels in love-with a younger man; and worse, he's involved with her best friend, Nikki, and now Nikki, an art conservator, is caught up in international art theft, prison, and other events of everyday life in Washington, D. C. Underneath this light-hearted romp lie serious issues of aging, sexual desire, friendship, sacrifice, and glimpses into the spiritual realm, for which author Sophy Burnham, the visionary behind the angels phenomenon, is best known. Critique: An inherently absorbing and absolutely entertaining novel from beginning to end, "Love, Alba" showcases author Sophy Burnham's wit and skills as an original storyteller of the first rank. Very highly recommend for community library General Fiction collections, it should be noted for personal reading lists that "Love, Alba" is also available in a Kindle edition ($5.99).
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November 2015
One need not like cats to enjoy Sophy Burnham's delightful novel, Love, Alba. In fact, if, like me, you dislike those frisky little critters or, like some people, have a fear of them, this book might very well change your mind. Told through the eyes of a clever little feline, Love, Alba is a romantic comedy set in Washington DC. Lorna, our two-legged heroine, has just moved into a downtown flat with her cat, Alba, A woman in her early sixties (though, truthfully, this was not always believable), she encounters her downstairs neighbor, David, and his cat, Goliath, as they barge into her apartment while she is arranging furniture late at night after she has just moved in. David, a lawyer with an important hearing the next morning, is rattled by Lorna's furniture shuffling which is preventing him from getting to sleep. Lorna immediately pounces on him for bursting into her apartment unannounced but, predictably, they soon fall in love, though neither wants to admit it. The catch: David, in his forties, is young enough to be Lorna's son. Meanwhile, Lorna's best friend, the lovelorn Nikki, an art conservator who also happens to be younger than Lorna, has just broken up with her boyfriend/about-to-be-fiancee, Jeremy, who has suddenly been smitten with the ruthless and shallow Penelope, a socialite and would-be politician. Nikki meets David, falls in love (or so we are led to believe) and, as they say, the plot thickens, forcing Lorna to choose between friendship and her own personal yearnings. Enter Charlie, David's friend from New York, who Nikki believes to be in love with Lorna, and we now have a hodgepodge of mismatched relationships, involving the three main characters, as well as Charlie, Jeremy and Penelope, that leaves the reader longing for an amicable resolution. And while the formula in this charming modern day comedy lets us know that it will all, indeed, be resolved, we continue reading to find out just how. And throughout it all we have Alba, our elegant feline narrator who is friends with Puma, Nikki's aging cat, and soon befriends (falls in love with?) Goliath who, we imagine, is as large as his name implies. Alba not only bemusedly narrates the events in the story but gives us insight into the motives and weaknesses of the "two-leggeds.," constantly commenting on the twisted webs they weave in their seemingly convoluted lives and wondering why they can't simply be less complicated. Like cats, for example. Burnham, a New York Times bestselling author, best known for A Book of Angels, renders a tale in beautiful prose that keeps you wanting to read. And though there are some weaknesses in the story (Lorna's age, for example, and the somewhat forced attempts at broaching paranormal phenomena where cats communicate telepathically with one another), Love, Alba is such fun to read that you'll wish it never came to an end. BOOK REVIEW

On October 9, 2015, Ingrid King reviewed LOVE, ALBA. READ WONDERFUL REVIEW.


On July 27, 2015, Bradley Sides, editor-in-chief of Novel Enthusiasts (, posted an in-depth INTERVIEW with Sophy Burnham.

"I am midway through your wonderful book and CANNOT put it down!!!!!!! I love it! Could it be your best yet?!?! Just had to send you a quick email to tell you!!!!"--S.L.Doub

"(NEW) Heartfelt... a touching reflection on life [and] a unique perspective on relationships; entwining love stories compete for prominence. These sage creatures [the cats] dominate the plot. Mystical, angelic, and occasionally overbearing, they contribute more than insignificant details. Hilarious commentary and imaginative asides." (Check out Foreword Review's complete Love, Alba book review in their Fall 2015 issue.)

"I love this book! I read it one gulp! Burnham's romantic tale fires the imagination. All the characters are fully developed, including the cats."--Julia Cameron, author of The Artist's Way

"Delicious...Alba's openhearted generosity toward the stumbling emotional antics of her humans leads a captivated reader on a charmed journey to the last sentence." --Margaret Dulaney, writer and founder of the spoken website Listen Well.

"Leave it to literary shape-shifter Sophy Burnham to riff on the feline novel vein of Rita Mae told by a snarky cat with a spiritual streak. Burnham possesses a fearless acrobatic imagination, which makes for a magical ate-a-canary smile of a novel." --Richard Peabody, editor of Gargoyle Magazine

"In this comedy of manners, human foibles and feline nature combine in delightful, ingenious storytelling. Alba, the cat, is as memorably wise, funny, observant and vulnerable as any great character ‑ yet always believably a cat. " ‑‑Maureen McCoy, author of Junebug


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